Module 9: Needle Samples

For Module 9 the sampling requirement is a bit less heavy than the previous module…phew!  We are asked to provide samples of how to use a variety of different needles.  In fact, although some needles do provide technical advantages – such as less thread shredding and breakage – many of them actually give the same finish when used on fabric correctly. Or maybe that’s just me.

The ones that are a bit different and more exciting are the twin needle and the wing needle, which I hadn’t even heard of until this module.  The ones I used are as follows:

Twin Needle:  Creates pin tucks in fine fabric

Wing Needle: Has winged blades on each side so makes a cut into the fabric creating a heirloom effect which would look great on lingerie or children’s wear

Embroidery needle:  Has a wider hole and therefore is less likely to break or shred the thread

Jersey Needle:  Ballpoint end so that it does not pierce the fabric but slides between the threads

Topstitch Needle: Again a wider hole and helpful for free motion quilting where the machine is running at speed over a lengthy time

Fine Needle: For fine fabrics – avoids leaving big holes

So after doing some sampling of the various needle types on different fabrics, and trying out some of the stitches on my machine, I created 2 larger samples using mainly the twin and wing needles. I stitched some silk and cotton then painted it and cut it into shapes that I then apologies onto organza. Finally I  stitched over the shapes to join them and applied home made Tyvek beads.

I just have to work up my design and samples now for the accessory and that will be module 9 finished. I’m not sure I’ll get it submitted by the Assessment Day in May but I will definitely finish this year which was my goal.

Only 3 more modules to go!

Kate 🙂