Module 8: Machine Insertions Samples

Insertions are frequently used in heirloom sewing – usually to insert lace or other decorative elements into the main construction fabric or to join two elements together.   Below are a few examples of insertions, some of which use bought lace and ribbon and some of which work machine stitches wither randomly or in a pattern across two areas of fabric (or paper!) to be joined together.  The technique can also be used to create an edging using water soluble fabric, and can incorporate beads and embellishments.  There is a great tutorial on how to use insertions to create heirloom pieces at Creations By Michie which I followed to create the ribbon and lace sample.

Module eight is really sample heavy, and incorporates all the transparent, bonded and insertion samples that you’ll see here over a couple of posts.  I found it a bit of a hard slog so I hope this helps you to generate a few ideas of how the samples can be worked.

Bye for now!

Kate 🙂