Button, button, who’s got the button?


Over the Christmas period I decided to have a go at completing what I could of the hand made elements required by the City and Guilds course. This includes buttons, beads, tassels cords and braids, and I’ll cover some of them in later posts.  Making buttons is a really nice thing to do of a cold evening in front of the fire. You don’t need much equipment and they come together really quickly…what’s not to like??

There are lots of ways to make Dorset Buttons, with nothing more than wool or embroidery floss and a curtain or other small ring. I found it helped to wind a thin strip of making tape round the ring,sticky side outward, in order to stop the thread from slipping.

The Newey Creative buttons were picked up for 50p at the local market. They’re plastic with a shank and can be wrapped, woven through or covered in button hole stitch.

The whole process it pretty addictive and I can see myself making many more of these. You could sew them together to make necklaces or put brooch backs on them…there are lots of ways they could be used, and they’re super fun to make!

Bye for now!

Kate 🙂

Button Samples (2 of 3)
Newey Creative Buttons
Button Samples (1 of 3)
Dorset Buttons
Button Samples (3 of 3)
Dorset Death Head Buttons