Module 7: Wall Hanging

For various reasons it has taken me a long time to get through this module, but I can’t believe I haven’t posted to the blog for so long… I’ve decided to continue though as even now I’m finding it difficult to find samples of C&G Machine Embroidery – loads of people seem to do hand embroidery and patchwork but not machine.  So I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this might be useful to someone somewhere!

Module 7 of the City and Guilds Level 3 in Machine Embroidery was to make a wall hanging based on the colour portfolio developed in an earlier module.

Pictish people
Pictish people

My colour portfolio was based on Pictish standing stones. Below is my favourite sample from the colour portfolio. It represents ancestry and links with the people of the past. I am interested in the study of human evolution and the relationships between people today and our ancestors.

"We are all shimmering ghosts"
“We are all shimmering ghosts”

I decided to use the stylized figures for my wall hanging. After a number of design experiments I decided to use separated figures on a hanging method. The figures were made of and backed on my hand dyed batik fabric and hung using sari yarn. The back of the figures was made of free motion embroidered, hand dyed fabric. I decided to use a hanging mechanism created from twigs and stones to hang the finished object.

I am determined to finish the course this year and so hopefully my posts will be more frequent from now on, but hopefully they will serve as a record of the course which might be helpful to someone!

Bye for now,

Kate 🙂