Module 5: Form

Module 5 of the design element of C&G Machine Embroidery Level 3 with the School of Stitched Textiles is Form, with the theme of Media.

I chose to look at vintage advertising images and typography as I’m fortunate to own a few publications from the 1950’s and have always been intrigued by old books and magazines, particularly those dispensing domestic wisdom!

I interpreted some of the advertising typography into drawings – adding colour in a number of cases as often they were printed in black and white or with one colour only.  To reflect this I limited my palette to 2 blue hues, red, white and black.  I completed the drawings in marker pen as this gave me the graphic quality i was looking for.  Using a view finder I selected attractive compositions from the combined drawings and then drafted them to a 6″ square – mainly to make it easier for doing the samples as this is the size required by C&G.

I first drew them in flat form, then developed and re-drew them into a 3D format using foam blocks to raise the designs off the page.  I then put the designs together into a pop up book, which can be made to stand in various shapes.

The samples to be worked were based on quilting and the use of soluble fabrics and automatic stitches.  I bought a mixed “Washaways Pack” from GillSew Embroidery, which was a handy way to be able to experiment with different kinds of solubles.  It was interesting to experiment and try new things – I am particularly pleased with the way the transparent patchwork rendition of the book’s front cover has turned out.

Well I think this is the final design module before C&G progresses to the designs for the resolved items so I’m going to continue to document the modules on this blog as I go along, in the hope that it might be useful to other students doing the course.

Bye for now!