Module 3: Colour

Sorry for the delay in posting this – I started a while ago and then got distracted.  The design focus for Module 3 is colour and this was to be combined with an historical theme.   I really struggled with this module.  I started on a number of ideas before eventually settling on Pictish standing stones.  No matter what I tried it didn’t seem to work quite as planned and consequently I wasn’t particularly inspired by my designs.

The craft element we were sampling was applique (including traditional hand applique) which is not a particular favourite of mine, and I was probably a bit hampered by thinking about how my designs would translate.  After a while though I felt that I had put too much time into my design work to change theme again and got to a point too, where I felt that I just needed to get on with it!

So I’ll share the best of my designs and some of the developments into applique.  I’ve already started Module 4: Texture which I’m finding much more inspiring, so hopefully I’ll have more to share soon 🙂