Module 2: Shape

Hello again!  Well I passed Module 2 so here’s the run down of my design process!

The theme given for this module was “Industrial, which to be honest filled me with apprehension! I began by making photographs and sketches of factory sites, machinery and so on, however I felt that my initial sketches and designs lacked energy and appeared static on the page.

As I was feeling a bit stuck, I consulted my School of Stitched Textiles group on Facebook and was recommended a book called Design Into Textiles by Sandra Meech. This is a fantastic design book and I would definitely recommend it to anyone doing a textiles course. Sandra gives ideas of how to create a design sketch book using photographs and painted papers which can then serve as a reference for future work.

During a long think, I contemplated a life drawing class I took last year and how to capture the energy of some of the drawings I did in that class.  I realised that I needed to do 2 things…go big and stand up!

I also decided to embrace the abstract.  Having made the decision to move away from literal interpretations of the theme “industrial”, I found working with painting and drawing on a larger scale liberating and this allowed me to achieve more dynamic and fluid images.

I didn’t follow Sandra Meech’s instructions exactly (I very rarely properly read instructions, to my husband’s exasperation!).  Using my own more abstract and spontaneous interpretations in torn paper paintings along with hand painted papers enabled me to produce a coherent bank of designs that could be interpreted into stitch.  Basically I enjoyed myself for a couple of hours doing tearing and sticking, and just stopped when the paper ran out!

I am now able to use this design book as a resource in developing future work, and will be able to reference these designs as I continue through the course.