Guest Blogger: Patsy Hodgkinson

The talented Patsy Hodgkinson, who is currently on the SST Level 3 Patchwork and Quilting course, has kindly offered to contribute her module 1 design to this blog. Patsy blogs at where you can see her lovely patchwork and quilting.  When she has finished with P&Q she will be moving on to the Level 3 in Embroidery (brave lady!) so over to Patsy, who will tell you all about…

Design Development from a Cracked Garden Pot
It was quite a simple beginning which eventually emerged as three or more intriguing outcomes, one of which I have already used and the others waiting in the side-lines for future inspiration.

This was an early design for Module One – Line and I started with a sketch of a terracotta pot with a big crack all down one side. Following the SST guidance I sketched the pot from all angles a number of times.

I duplicated the images and coloured them. Next the sketches were cut up, sliced and slipped into different positions, sometimes lining up the sketch outlines or adding in some new lines to enhance the picture.

The strange results include images that remind me of Arabian jars or pots and the coloured ‘Resolved Image’ came from this idea.

Tracing over some or part of these sliced and slipped designs produced the ones that appeal to me most of all. Tracing One reminds me of a landscape and in fact was used to hand embroider a landscape picture. Tracings Two and Three are intriguing and will be revisited as I begin my Machine Embroidery Course.

The Cracked Pot was my first attempt at design work and I have used the early sketches in an assessment piece – a wall hanging, for my Level 3 Patchwork & Quilting Certificate. The cracked pot being added as a 3D applique.

As I await results for Module 10 I have put forward a proposal for my final assessment piece which will be a quilt. I have returned to the cracked pot theme again with Arabian pots in my mind as an appliqued feature of the quilt.

Some of my other designs from this course will come to fruition as I start work on Level 3 Machine Embroidery and as I rediscover them after creating them many months ago.

Patsy Hodgkinson