Module 1: Line

For each of the design modules students are required to look at the work of an artist linked with the topic, in addition to using primary and secondary sources (such as sketches, photographs and so on) to inspire their designs.  The design aspect of the Level 3 course can seem quite intimidating, however what was required was quite clearly stated, so I found it quite easy to follow.

In the first module the main task was around creating a variety of line drawings and variations on line.  I picked a piece of driftwood and drew from this directly, working through a number of different design exercises to develop a resolved design.

The main techniques used to develop this first design were 1. selecting a small, detailed area of an original drawing and then blowing this up to a larger scale, and 2. cutting designs into curved or straight strips and offsetting them.  Both are good ways of keeping the essence of the original drawing while coming up with something novel.  The gallery shows the design process from initial drawings to the resolved design and interpretation to textile and stitch.